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The United States is one of the best and largest destinations to get higher education for international students. The education system of the USA has much flexibility and versatility for international students. It is a leading country to provide quality education as it has renowned academia of the world that make use of advanced technology to provide academic flexibility. The new generation loves to study here due to well-established research and training opportunities and career opportunities.If you are unsure about which level to study in the USA, book a free consultation with our expert counselor. We find the right institution, course and location for you.

USA Culture & Educational Advantage

The American culture is indeed the epitome of freedom, opportunities, and fun. America always welcomes a multicultural environment that helps international students to mitigate cultural shocks. America has many valuable universities that are offering a wide range of subjects. These universities open ways to become a part of groundbreaking research. The study in the USA gives a competitive edge after entering the job market. While studying, the interaction with diverse people enhances communication skills and the learned skills give a successful guaranteed career.

USA Culture
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USA Higher Education

There are so many options to get an education from the USA that make it overwhelming to think study in the USA. USA has top universities that have good rankings when comparing.USA is the home to Ivy league universities which are Columbia University, Dartmouth College,Harvard University,Brown University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell Universityand Yale University these are the world best universities. These universities have the best ranking globally. The study in America generates research skills in students that make their educational investment fruitful. Students may not face many cultural and linguistic barriers to study there.

Popular USA University Courses for Pakistani Students
MBA Master of Letters in Arts & Letters Master of Science in Data Analytics Business management
Professional MBA Online (PMBA) Master in Applied Artificial Intelligence Online MS Business Analytics Engineering
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Master of Public Administration and Policy MSc in Software Engineering Math and Computer Sciences
Master of Business Administration (Online MBA) Master of Letters in Arts & Letters MS in Digital Marketing and media Social Sciences
Master of Science in International Business Administration Master in Applied Artificial Intelligence Master of Science in Construction Management Physical and Life Sciences
Master of Business Administration - Strategic Leadership Master of Science in Accounting MSCS - Cloud Security Architect specialization MBA
MBA in International Business ONLINE Master of Science in Communications (M.S. in Communications) MSc in Engineering Management Online Psychology
MBA in Energy and Renewable Energy Master of Science in Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security MS in Marketing
Master of Business Administration (Accelerated) Professional Master's in Human Resource Management Master of Science in Clinical Neuroscience Anesthesiologist
MBA - Concentration in Data Analytics Online Master of Public Affairs MS in Human Development and Family Science - Youth Development Surgeon
MBA - Concentration in HR Management Master of Construction Management (MCM) MS in Leadership and Innovation Online Obstetrician and Gynecologist
MBA - Concentration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management Master of Education in Advanced Teaching Degree Master of Science in Project Management Orthodontist

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Everything You Need to Know.

We provide inspiration to all of u to visit our expert student counselor by booking free appointment and attend free one-to-one session. Our experts will give you practical and desirable information associated with getting higher education in USA.

We offer almost all the programs. You can study as per your choice. For further details book a free consultation with our expert counselor.

The undergraduate bachelor’s degree typically takes four years to complete and is comprised of 120-128 semester credit hours. If you are unsure about which level to study in the USA, book a free consultation with our expert counselor. We find the right institution, course and location for you.

It’s a third type of degree. When students have not enough marks to get admission in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The international universities offer their foundation to student so in this way he obtains good marks than they can take admission in their desired program. The duration of foundation is almost 1 year.


Generally, you will need to prove that your English is at the required level for studying in the USA.There are various tests and standards for English proficiencies accepted by various universities. Our expert consultants advise you which documents/information is required by the specific university to prove your level of English and which English test it recognizes. 

One of the most widely used English proficiency tests are IELTS (International English Language Testing System) & PTE (Pearson English Language Test) which are globally recognized for study and immigration purposes. 

You may contact us for preparation of IELTS & PTE tests taught by our expert instructors in a classroom and virtual learning environment.

Yes, international students from Pakistan need a student visa to study in the USA. Your student visa will allow you to live and study there.

F1 visa is issued to international students who are attending an English Language Program and academic programat a US university and college. The Student who have F-1 visa Should maintain their course load for full-time student status. They can stay in United State about 60 days after completion their academic program till they apply as well as approved to stay in the country and work for the time period in accordance to OPT program.

The fee is affordable and also they offer scholarships for international students or it is also vary university to university. The Annual fee Range for undergraduate programs is $17,000 US – $30,000 US and for Master the per Semester Fee is $8,500US – $16,000 US. For further details you contact with EduFox Team.

Approximately cost for living in USA is almost $10000 US to $12000 US per year. It’s for students. This includes your room, accommodation costs, textbooks, food, proper clothing as well as the expanses of entertainment.

Yes, You can. USA Universities offer generous scholarships and please check with our expert student counselors for your available options, as support is often available for exceptional undergraduate and graduate level students.

Indeed, international student can work while their Study however there are a few limitations.Under a F-1 student visa, you can work up to 20 hours per week On Campus for the first academic year. After that, starting the following Summer, you can work up to 40 hours per week during the Summer and 20 hours per week during the academic year in an off-campus job that is Related to your major. You need to coordinate that with the foreign student office at your college.

Yes, you can, Optional Practical Training is a program that allows students to work in the USA after their graduation, as well as get experience there are different types of visa but the student who have F-1 visa can apply for 12 months of Optional Practical Training. For each level of degree its different like If they complete their graduation they can apply for 12 month or if complete master degree in Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Technology than they have choice to extend the program by seventeen months.

The post study work visa for graduates is F1 type of visa that allow them to apply for OPT after study. Under OPT, students are allowed to live in USA up to 1 year to apply for employment-authorized practical training in their graduation field. The post study work visa permit students to stay 60 days after study and training to depart.

Yes, USA is an attractive destination of study specially to get higher education as it has well known top universities.  Furthermore, the F1 type of visa make it that allow students to find post study work opportunities make it more attractive destination.

We encourage you to book your free appointment with our expert student counselor, one-to-one. We will guide you for the best options and you may proceed with our paid consultation in case you decide to pursue study abroad.

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